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Product name: Paper Planes Extracts

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Special Edition Live resin From Paper Planes Collaboration with DNA now Available!

Live Resin, Premium Nug Run, Nug Run & Small Bug Run

All Paper Planes Extracts are a product of advanced extraction of THC and other cannabinoids using butane. We extract 20 terpenes which keeps the aromatic oils and flavors in the concentrates for an explosive smoking experience. We are serving patients who require radical means of consuming medication.Our concentrates are usually consumed by a process called dabbing. To begin this process you heat the concentrate on a hot surface and inhale through a dab rig. This method drops a bomb on whoever needs the medication! At the beginning of our extracting mission we used premium canned butane. This presented an array of different issues. Most important being we would have to purge the medicine at higher temperatures for longer periods of time to remove the unwanted solvents. This resulted in less potent, and less “terpy” medicine. Now, we only use instrument or medical grade tanks of NTane and propane.

Available Strains:

DNA Genetics Flo OG Sugar by PaperPlanes (Special Edition), Aurora Indica Premium Nug Run Sugar, Gelato Premium Nug Run Shatter, Gelato Nug Run Sugar by Paper Planes, White Zombie Nug Run Shatter by Paper Planes, White Zombie Sugar by Paper Planes, Birthday Cake Premium Nug Run Shatter by Paper Planes, Juliet (Cindy 99 X NY Sour Diesel) by Paper Planes, Pie Face OG Shatter by Paper Planes (Nugrun) (Cherry Pie X Face Off OG), Private Reserve Cookies Nug Run Shatter by Paper Planes



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